New Horizons Physical Therapy & Lymphedema Care
The preferred and most trusted provider of comprehensive physical medicine and rehabilitation services that help the patient return to active life as quickly as possible and improve the quality of life. We will position ourselves as the physical therapy provider of choice of New Jersey and be recognized for our passion in providing quality, innovative, evidence based care to the community we serve.


New Horizons Physical Therapy & Lymphedema Care is an out-patient physical therapy facility committed to providing the highest quality outpatient rehabilitative services to patients of all ages diagnosed with orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, lymphedema, vestibular disorder and movement dysfunctions to meet their needs and goals.
We are committed to delivering comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and injury prevention strategies to our patients. We emphasize ongoing education to the patients with regard to the methods we use to deliver services to them and their injuries and offer them home exercise program targeted to achieve faster recovery and prevent recurrence of the dysfunction.

design and implement individualized treatment plans that enable patients to achieve goals specific to their lifestyle and activity level.
As health professionals it is our obligation to serve members of our community by assisting them in achieving optimal health and improving their overall quality of life.

Our Values underlie all that we do

Respect for the Autonomy of the Patient 
We truly believe that the patient plays the most important role in our treatment and its outcome. We actively involve a patient, and when appropriate, their family and caregivers in establishing treatment and share decision making with the patient whenever possible. We protect a patient’s right and desire for privacy.

Compassion/ Caring
We understand that our patient population has diverse socio-cultural, psychological and economic background. We believe that it is obligatory on our part to communicate effectively, both verbally and non-verbally, with our patients taking into consideration individual differences in learning styles, language, and cognitive abilities and empower them to achieve the highest level of function possible and to exercise self-determination in their care by designing individualized patient programs/interventions that are congruent with patients’ needs.

We strive for excellence in what we do. We not only use our current knowledge in our clinical practice but embrace any opportunity for advancement that works toward development of new knowledge.

We strictly adhere to highest professional ethical standards by abiding by the rules, regulations, and laws applicable to our profession. We put patients first in our practice. That is our way. In such an environment, trust, respect, quality, loyalty and service converge to create a workplace that meets the highest standards of the physical therapy profession .

We have the commitment to meeting obligations to provide effective physical therapy services to our community and to positively influence their health.

Social Responsibility
We believe that we have a social responsibility where we promote the mutual trust between us as the physical therapy professionals and the community we serve by responding to their needs for health and wellness. We use professional judgment in the patient’s best interest and respect personal boundaries and each patient’s rights, dignity and unique mix of characteristics, ensuring the patient is treated with respect.

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